Capacity Building

We have supported, lectured and provided resources for research to students in post-graduate courses in meteorology, oceanography, water resources and disaster management at the University of Peradeniya, Moratuwa and Colombo. We have provided on-the-job training, and conducted workshops both formally and informally. We supported the National Steering Committee on Seasonal Climate Predictions. We are training Mahaweli Engineers in climate analysis and predictions for water management. We provided a series of lectures at the Department of Meteorology and training for meteorologists.

Popular Writings

Articles have been published in newspapers, newsletters and in popular websites on the following topics.
  • Development of Meteorology in Sri Lanka
  • History of Meteorology in Sri Lanka
  • Analysis of Climate Literature in Sri Lanka
  • Developing Climate Predictions for Sri
  • Lanka
  • Cyclone Hazard and Response in Sri
  • Lanka
  • Climate Change and National Security
  • Climate Lingo in Sri Lanka
  • The Kandyan Climate and its Lessons
  • Climate and Power Cuts in Sri Lanka
  • Internet Weather Forecasts for Sri Lanka
  • Climate and Cricket in Sri Lanka
  • Seasonal Climate Prediction for Sri Lanka
  • FAQ on 2001 Drought in Sri Lanka

Poster Presentations

December 2002: Posters at the Inaugural Ceremony of the Workshop on Impact Assessment and Adaptation Methods of Climate Change for Plantations, organized for officials of the Ministry of Plantations and Department of Meteorology, Taj Samudra Hotel, Colombo.

February 2003: Poster Display for Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation and Minister of Science and Technology and Director and Deputies of the Department of Meteorology at the Mahaweli Authority Polgolla Offices

South Asia Climate News

We have been editing, producing and distributing the South Asia Climate News whereby scientists and policy makers are informed on a trimesterly basis. This newsletter helps share information between those working in the fields of climate and geophysics in Sri Lanka. The Network has expanded beyond Sri Lanka to include South Asia in particular. The newsletter is distributed to research libraries, institutes involved in meteorology, oceanography and hydrology and to researchers and other interested parties. The newsletter can be obtained via email at or by accessing the website:

Asian Climate Digest.

Based on material compiled by the IRI climate digest team, a quarterly Asian edition of the Climate Digest was produced by Jia Fang and Lareef Zubair.