The environment shapes lives, livelihoods, environment and the economy. It is difficult to overestimate its pervasive impact. The recent Tsunami highlights that many in poor countries do not adequately use science and technology adequately. Indeed, the sciences in the critical environmental technologies are lagging in Sri Lanka and there has been little advantage taken of advances in weather and environmental prediction technologies, advances in computing, satellite imaging and communication technologies. Realizing this, we started a Foundation in 2002 and registered it as a non-profit company in 2003. This builds on the work of the officers in Sri Lanka and internationally. Our work is oriented towards developing useable scientific and technological information that can be applied by users in diverse sectors. We work actively with other Sri Lankan partners in government institutions, Research Institutes and Universities. Our charter limits us from turning private profit but requires us to develop the science and technology field. We seek partners in expanding our work.


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