Weather and Climate Predictions for Equatorial South Asia

Official Weather Predictions

Asia Region

IRI seasonal forecasts are released on the 15th of each month by IRI


The Maldives Department of Meteorology provides 3-day forecasts at Maldives


The Indian Meteorological Department provides a forecast for the Southern Peninsular Indian region from its Chennai Regional Centre.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Department of Meteorology provides next day forecasts.

Experimental Extended Range Weather Forecasts


The National Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting in India forecasts weather over Sri Lanka for the next three days using a regional model. The forecasts are available for rainfall and wind and pressure heights

SUNY-Albany and FECT

Wave propagation based methods were used by Prof. Paul Roundy at SUNY Albany in collaboration with Lareef Zubair to provide updated predictions for Sri Lanka.