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The PEER program of the US National Academy of Sciences has awarded a 3 year grant to FECT (PI Zeenas Yahiya) to develop tools for drought monitoring and prediction in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Four researchers were selected for Presidential awards for research for publications based on work carried out at FECT and published in indexed scientific journals from 2007- 2009. These researchers are Zeenas Yahiya, Vidhura Ralapanawe, Manjula Siriwardhene and Janaki Chandimala. Several of our collaborators also obtained awards for joint work. These researchers were felicitated in Colombo at the end of January 2014.


This website is a portal to the work of the Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology (FECT) and a comprehensive site for climate and environmental technology for the region. It provides background information on climate, climate trends, climate variability and climate related news in Sri Lanka and neighbouring region. It is updated to monitor current climate conditions and predictions. It describes climate risk management projects in water resources, agriculture, environment, disasters and public health. It is linked to our mobilization projects such as the Sri Lanka Meteorology, Oceanography and Hydrology Network, the campaign to save the Colombo Observatory land and the campaign for review of the Sethusamudaram project. It is also linked to our Tsunami website and associated relief, recovery and reconstruction websites.

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A Hydrometeorological Advisory for Sri Lanka is at one of our blogs.
Experimental monthly reports for the Maldives are available at our Maldives blog.

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