Administrative, Programming and Secretarial Internships near Kandy

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Internship opportunities are available for who are pursuing diplomas in administration/management, programming/IT and secretarial/writing work to support a non-profit research think-tank.

The ideal person should be a versatile, reliable and conscientious individual keen to develop skills in their areas of study and in new ones. Interns must have good writing skills in English. The desirable skills for each Internship is described in vacancy notices for Administrative Assistant, Programmer and Secretary positions at An Intern should be in the process of acquiring the essential skills.

FECT is a non-profit scientific, engineering, and socio-economic research organization which undertakes publishing, advocacy, training and education with offices 10 km North (Akurana) and 17 km East of Kandy (Digana).

To apply, send a curriculum vitae, cover letter and names of two referees who know your past work. Applicants shall be received until the post is filled.

Email: with a copy to,