Engineer Mohamed Rasheed on Developing Water supply and sewerage systems in the Maldives

Engineer Rasheed has dedicated his career to the issues of water supply and sewerage in the Maldives ever since he completed his post graduate education. He recently retired after 35 years of service at the Male Water Supply and Sewerage Company and its precursors. As such he has been involved in various phases in the development of water resources and sewerage across the Maldives. Back in 2012, just before there was a week of water failure in Male, he took time to distill his thoughts for the benefit of the younger generation.

This video recording was captured by Aysha Zackariya with assistance from Safiya Zackariya at the MWSC in Male with guidance from Dr. Lareef Zubair under retainer from FECT. After editing to a 10 minute summary, the longer interview can be viewed in an external link. Further polishing of this video is pending. The transcripts for these interviews will be made available as soon as possible.