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Adjunct Scientists

Adjunct Scientists

Lareef Zubair :: Principal Scientist


Dr. Lareef Zubair is the principal scientist of FECT from its inception. Previously, He was a PostDoctoral Associate in Mathematics and Engineering at Yale University, and in Climate Monitoring and Applications at the University Consortium for Atmospheric Science. He has also been a Senior Lecturer in Engineering at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka. He worked as a Scientist at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) and is attached to the Columbia University Water Center. His undergraduate education was at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and graduate work was at Yale University, U.S.A. He is interested in tropical climate, climate impacts and adaptation, in the application of climate information and colonialism and modernization.

P.Wickramagamage :: GIS, Soils and Hydrology

Prof. Wickramagamage

Prof. Wickramagamage is working as an Emeritus Professor of geography at the University of Peradeniya and Senior Research Scientist at FECT. He obtained his B.A in Geography at the University of Peradeniya and his Ph.D. in Physical Geology from the University of London. His main areas of research include GIS, soils, hydrology, climate and EIA on all of which he has published extensively. He has been a partner, collaborator and Principal Investigator at FECT on several proposals and grants such as the Rain Water Harvesting Project (Provention), Masters in Development Practice Project (MacArthur), AgMIP project (DfID) and the PEER projects on Water and Hazards (National Academy of Sciences, USAID).

Ranmalee Bandara :: Senior Research Scientist


Ranmalee Bandara obtained a B.Sc in Surveying at the University of Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka in 2005 with first class honors and an M.Sc in Environmental Soil Science from the University of Peradeniya in 2008. Obtained her PhD Civil Engineering in 2014.She had supported the work on the project on rainwater harvesting.

P.H.D. Kusumawathie:: Senior Research Scientist

P.H.D. Kusumawathi

Dr. Kusum, a Senior Research Scientist who contributes to our work. She works on entomological surveillance of dengue while being seconded to the National Dengue Control Program. She has obtained her B.Sc in Zoology with honours from the University of Peradeniya and her M.S and Ph.D. from the same University in Parasitology and Epidemiology. She also has received a master’s in health economics from Chulangakon University in Thailand. She has worked for three decades in monitoring and control of infectious diseases and has maintained an active research program.


Rimza Zacky :: Accountant


Rimza Zacky is in charge of the organizations’ accounting system. She liaises with the Internal Auditor. She has 20 years of accounting experience and previously worked in the accounting division for 17 years

Tuan E. Hadgie :: IT Administrator


Tuan Hadgie has been our Administrative Officer since 2017. He previously worked as an Administrative Officer at the Kandy Gemmological Museum and the Institute of International Education Lanka, as well as an Operations Manager and Lecturer at the Kegalle Gateway Computer Centre. He holds an ICDL (International Computer Driving License) System Administrator certification as well as an International Pedagogical ICT Licentiate.

M. Z. Fathima Shakira :: Administrative Aide


Since 2017, Shakira has worked as the Secretary here. She completed her Personal Secretary Course at the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority Kandy, as well as the Microsoft Office 2007 Package on MCCE. She previously worked as a Trainee Secretary in the Science Dissemination & Education Unit at the National Institution of Fundamental Studies Kandy. She has also completed the Certificate Course in Human Resource Management at Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Kandy.

Nipuni Alahakoon :: Junior Research Scientist


Nipuni Alahakoon joined us as an intern after earning a BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying from the International College of Business and Technology (ICBT). She previously worked for Squire Mech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd as a Trainee QS and Wickramapala Engineering as an Assistant QS

Azra Munas :: IT, Web Development


Azra Munas has been with us since September 2020 as a web developer. She completed her Higher National Diploma in Information Technology from the Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE) Kandy. She also completed a Human Resources Management foundation course at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Hiruni Himanga :: Junior Information Technologist


Hiruni Samarasinghe works as a Junior Information Technologist. She has completed a Diploma in computer system designing and Higher Diploma in Computer-based information systems at NIBM. Currently, she is pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Business Information system at ICBT. She completed her Internship at the Federation for Environment, climate and technology then she worked at the Merrill J. Fernando Charitable Foundation as an IT Instructor

Ushan Adithya :: IT, Web Development


Since 2020, Ushan Adithya has worked as a web developer with us. He received his Higher National Diploma in Information Technology from SLIATE – Kandy and his Diploma in Information Technology from ESOFT metro campus Kandy.

Shirin Sasna :: Statistician


In 2020, Shirin Sasna graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Peradeniya. She had expertise in operations research and statistics. She works at the Foundation of Environment, Climate, and Technology as a junior research scientist. She engages in research there on infectious diseases and climate.


Priyanka Ramasamy :: Accounts Assistant


Priyanka is currently working as an Intern Assistant Accountant at our organization.She is a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy student at SLIATE in Kandy. She has completed an English Diploma at the Esoft metro campus, Kandy as well as an External English Course at the University of Peradeniya. She has previously worked as an Accounts Assistant at Nadiya's Textiles, as a Secretary at the HM Chandani Complex, and a Teacher at the Unique International School Nawalapitiya.

Dilrukshi Kulasooriya ::IT, Web Development and Climate Intern


Dilrukshi Kulasooriya has joined us to complete her Higher National Diploma in Information Technology IT - Web Development Internship at SLIATE. She is also studying Business Management Studies (Hons) at The Open University of Sri Lanka. She has received her Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management from EIPEL Campus.

Yoosuf Razi ::IT, Web Development and Climate Intern


Yoosuf Razi joined us recently as an intern after completing two years of a Bachelor's in Physics from American National College (ANC).